Introducing Release 2.0.7 

Wasabi Wallet has released version 2.0.7 This includes a complete redesign of its user interface, Trezor Safe 3 hardware device support and Full RBF enhancement.

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zkSNACKs is Discontinuing its Coinjoin Coordination Service 1st of June

After years of relentless dedication to improve Bitcoin’s privacy, zkSNACKs, the company pioneering the development of Wasabi Wallet, is shutting down its coinjoin coordination service, effective from June 1st, 2024.

zkSNACKs is Now Blocking U.S. Residents and Citizens

zkSNACKs is now blocking U.S. citizens and residents from visiting its websites, downloading and using Wasabi Wallet and any related products and services, including APIs and RPC interfaces. 

Privacy Guarantees Of Wasabi Wallet 2.0

Fully analyzing Wasabi 2.0 coinjoins is computationally hard and will probably be impossible for decades to come because a combinatorial complexity explosion is happening when we try to find all the sub-transactions of a Wasabi 2.0 coinjoin.

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UI Enhancements in v2.0.7

The new release of Wasabi bundles cutting edge privacy technology with a smoother user experience.

Latest Hardware Wallet Integration: Trezor Safe 3 on Wasabi

With the latest release (2.0.7), we’re announcing that the newly released Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet with secure element protection is now compatible with Wasabi Wallet.

Your Anonymous Bitcoin Concierge: Buy Anything User Stories

The ‘Buy Anything’ button allows you to order any digital or physical item (over $1000) and pay with Bitcoin while protecting your privacy, brought to you by a partnership with 

How to Use Wasabi Wallet’s RPC Interface 

The RPC is used to communicate with a running Wasabi instance. It provides some options and features which are not available (yet) when using the Graphical User Interface. Since Wasabi version 2.0.6, the RPC can be exposed as an onion service, which enables remote control.

Only in Wasabi: Privacy Warnings and Suggestions

Version 2.0.4 introduced a comprehensive set of privacy warnings and suggestions that appear when you send funds. Warnings have three levels of severity, suggestions are actions you can take to keep your privacy intact. 

Smart Randomness: Skipping Coinjoin Rounds Based On Fee Rate

A new source of randomness was introduced in Wasabi v2.0.6 to improve the privacy of the coinjoin feature.

How to Use BitBox02 (New) with Wasabi Wallet

Announcing that BitBox02 is now compatible with Wasabi Wallet as of the Juggernaut Release 2.0.6.

Load Time Reduced by an Additional 60% in Version 2.0.6

Read about the changes that contribute to quicker launch times, including the migration of transaction data to a database and optimizations for handling multiple wallets.

Introducing Support for Blockstream Jade on Wasabi Wallet

We’re excited to announce that you can now use your Blockstream Jade with Wasabi Wallet. Combining the privacy benefits of Wasabi with the self-custody security of Jade is a match made in heaven.

Deeper Privacy with Safety Coinjoins

“Safety coinjoins” are triggered by default to ensure a minimum amount of remixing for users who choose to minimize costs or maximize speed. This feature anticipates how coins might be spent in the future to prevent guesses from being made based on a specific user behaviour.

Juggernaut Release 2.0.6 is Out

Wasabi Wallet has released a new software update with its 2.0.6 version. It adds compatibility for two popular hardware devices, Blockstream Jade and BitBox02, with significant performance and privacy improvements.

Time is Money: DoS (Denial of Service) Fortification and Coinjoin Time Preference

As a result of months of hard work by the Wasabi and Tor developers, updated statistics from October 2023 show that the overall success rate has more than doubled since the previous year, with over 50% of new rounds and over 80% of blame rounds succeeding.