This decision was made after careful consideration and with a heavy heart. Throughout our history, we have always made efforts to operate under legal clarity. At this point, we need to regain more certainty before moving forward.

Wasabi Wallet will continue to function as a regular bitcoin wallet, users can generate private keys to receive and send bitcoin. Even without coinjoins, Wasabi’s client-side filtering architecture, Tor integration and custom coin selection make it the most private light wallet available. However, the nature of the bitcoin blockchain prevents users from obtaining complete privacy without coinjoins.

This also affects users of other wallet clients that connect to the zkSNACKs coordinator, like Trezor Suite and BTCPayServer.

Wasabi Wallet is a free and open-source software and will continue to be maintained. Anyone can contribute, open new issues, submit pull requests, or even fork it. zkSNACKs will fund the continuous maintenance of Wasabi Wallet’s basic features.

When Wasabi Wallet was launched back in 2018, privacy on bitcoin was only an idea, a dream of cypherpunks. After years of research, trial and error, we proved that bitcoin can be used as anonymous money in a fully sovereign way. Coinjoin allows for a peaceful, secure, and effective way to reclaim financial privacy. We succeeded.

The day will come when someone will write the code to perfect all the properties of good money. Until then, let us be grateful for what we have accomplished together and be mindful of the challenges ahead.