Wasabi Wallet has released version 2.0.7 This includes a complete redesign of its user interface, Trezor Safe 3 hardware device support and Full RBF enhancement.

A Fresh New Look 

In this release, Wasabi Wallet has a new look with an even darker “dark mode” highlighted by Wasabi’s signature green color. Commonly used menus and features were made more accessible by moving the coinjoin settings to the coinjoin status bar and adding a visible button in the transaction history to speed up unconfirmed transactions.

In version 2.0.7, privacy warnings were made more convenient by displaying amount differences in BTC and USD when avoiding the creation of change outputs. The wallet password required for spending and recovering funds is now called passphrase and specifies that it cannot be reset. A new sorting option was also added to reorder transactions by date.

Trezor Safe 3 Hardware Device Support

The newest Trezor hardware device with secure element protection, open-source design, and on-device confirmation is now compatible with Wasabi Wallet. Trezor is one of the most popular hardware device manufacturers for bitcoin security products. Wasabi Wallet users can now connect their Trezor Safe 3 and use it privately for cold storage.

Partial Support for Full RBF

As of this release, Wasabi Wallet clients are now detecting Full RBF replacement transactions. Also, the coordinator now replaces payments with low fee rates that double spend coinjoin inputs to defend against Denial of Service attacks. 

Privacy Improvements in Version 2.0.7

Autocoinjoin now only begins after funds are confirmed to prevent extra mining fees from being paid for coins that are already private. Tor version was bumped to from

About Wasabi Wallet

Reclaim your privacy with Wasabi Wallet, a free, open-source Bitcoin wallet with built-in coinjoins. Coinjoins are collaborative bitcoin transactions to enable cash-like privacy features for bitcoin. wasabiwallet.io