We’re thrilled to announce that BitBox02 is now compatible with Wasabi Wallet as of the Juggernaut Release (version 2.0.6). 

Wasabi has proven its reputation as the best privacy-focused bitcoin wallet, and now we’re on a mission to become the best desktop wallet for security-minded users. Integrating support for major hardware wallets is a fundamental step towards that goal.

Swiss-Made Exceptional Engineering

The BitBox02 offers a blend of user-centric design and state-of-the-art security features for Bitcoin cold storage. To learn more about the device or purchase one, check out Bitbox’s website

Read on if you want to know how to set up your Bitbox02 with Wasabi Wallet and also how to use it for sending and receiving bitcoin daily. 

How to Setup BitBox02 with Wasabi Wallet

Follow these easy steps to link BitBox02 with Wasabi.

Warning: You may need to disable the “Pairing code” feature or unlock the device with the BitBoxApp or hwi-qt before using it with Wasabi, as Wasabi currently does not support this function.

  1. Select ‘Add Wallet’ from the sidebar in Wasabi.
  2. In the modal window, click on ‘Connect to hardware wallet‘.
  1. Name your new wallet, then click ‘Continue’.
  1. Connect your BitBox02 to your computer and unlock it with the PIN.
    1. If necessary, click on Rescan once your device is ready.
  1. Wasabi will recognize your BitBox02. Confirm by clicking Yes.
  1. A success message will confirm the connection. Click on Done.

Your BitBox02 is now ready for use with Wasabi Wallet!

How to Receive Bitcoin with BitBox02 and Wasabi Wallet

Using your hardware wallet like the Bitbox02 on Wasabi is perfect to send your coins to secure cold-storage after you’ve used the coinjoin feature on your hot wallet.

Receiving Bitcoin is as simple as the following steps:

  1. Click on Receive
  2. Enter a label with the name of your choice for your receiving address.
  3. Verify the address on your BitBox02 by clicking on the small icon shown below.
  4. Scan the QR code or copy and paste the bitcoin address.

How to Send Bitcoin with BitBox02 and Wasabi Wallet

Here are the instructions to send bitcoin out of your secure cold-storage BitBox02 wallet. 

  1. Click on Send
  2. Enter the destination address and the bitcoin amount.
  3. Enter a label with the name of your choice for the destination address. 
  4. Most importantly, verify the details of the transaction on your BitBox02 before confirming. 


You’ve made a successful transaction with your favorite hardware wallet from Wasabi. 

Ready to use BitBox02 with Wasabi Wallet? 

Download and verify the latest version today.

More on the Juggernaut Release

The Juggernaut Release of Wasabi Wallet introduces significant advancements in performance and privacy. 

This update extends support to two leading open-source hardware wallets: BitBox02 and Blockstream Jade. It also introduces the Safety Coinjoin feature, adds 11 new RPC calls, and implements numerous performance and user experience enhancements.

To dive deeper into the specifics of this update, including all the new features and improvements, read the full announcement article here.