Wasabi Wallet v2.0.7 has a completely updated interface that enhances the classic, easy-to-use design of the software. Most noticeably, the navy blue background was replaced with a proper dark mode trimmed by green actionable buttons. Here’s a peek at what changed.

Before (2.0.6):

After (2.0.7):

Easy on the eyes

“Excel sheet” style grids for the transaction history, unused receive addresses, and UTXO menu were simplified into lists with embedded icons. Sharp edges were smoothed out with rounded corners, and text edits were made for extra clarity. But the “UI Refreshment” isn’t just a coat of paint: The pull request implementing it also closed 9 open design issues simultaneously, making Bitcoin privacy smoother than ever.

New buttons

The coinjoin settings can now be accessed from the “. . .” menu in the coinjoin music box, which replaces the blue light that indicated whether the Automatically Start Coinjoin setting was turned on or off. This easy-to-find option makes it convenient to adjust this frequently accessed toolbox.

Speeding up an unconfirmed payment using RBF or CPFP previously required right clicking the entry in your transaction history to find the option. Now, there are visible buttons for getting your pending transactions unstuck or cancelled.

UX improvements

The label for the recipient of an outgoing transaction is now entered on the same screen as the address and amount instead of spawning an extra popup, reducing the process by an additional click.

The Received/Sent/Balance columns in the history were condensed into a single stream of information showing + or – next to transaction amounts. Incoming funds now display a green color for the amount to easily allow viewers to figure out the direction funds are moving.

Don’t be a creature of habit

Many users have feelings of nostalgic regret when the appearance of their favorite app changes, but the UI Refreshment in Wasabi Wallet v2.0.7 is non-invasive to existing workflows. Try the sleek new style of Bitcoin privacy and download today.