It’s been 3 months since Wasabi launched the Buy Anything Button. This feature allows you to order any digital or physical item (over $1000) and pay with Bitcoin while protecting your privacy, brought to you by a partnership with

The next time you need to spend some bitcoin to buy something, we invite you to try buying it this way. You might be surprised how well it works for you. And if you’re still unsure whether this is for you, keep reading.

Who is it for? What features are they looking for that they can’t find elsewhere? What kind of products do they buy? I was curious about these questions, so I took the time to interview some users (anonymously) to bring you this information.

Who Uses Wasabi’s Buy Anything Button?

Wasabi users care about protecting their privacy. They value expertise and want something that just works. Buy Anything Button users are pretty much the same but they also appreciate personalized attention.

Let’s explore what that means in more detail by looking at the exclusive features of the Buy Anything Button.

Anonymous: No Email, No IP

Wasabi is one of the most anonymous software out there. It’s not just about bitcoin privacy, but online privacy in general. If you’re using the Buy Anything Button, you’re prioritizing your privacy.

The Buy Anything Button takes advantage of Wasabi’s Tor implementation (learn more about how Tor works in Wasabi) to provide strong network privacy when communicating with the ShopInBit team in the chat interface. Your IP address will never be revealed.

Unlike most other services, you don’t need to provide an email address or any other identifying information when ordering digital products. Of course, when ordering physical products, you must provide a shipping address, but ShopInBit’s privacy policy ensures that this data is pseudo-anonymized after 30 days. 

It’s also important to remember that you can buy products, from different stores, but you do it all through one gateway: The Buy Anything chat interface. This way, you avoid giving shipping information to multiple vendors. 

“it’s very much akin to ordering something from the hotel reception: you tell them what you want, they bring it to your door, and you pay for the product + service. Nobody else except for the person at the hotel reception knows what you bought and how much it costs.”

Concierge Service: Hassle-Free Experience

It’s pretty convenient to ask for what you want through a chat interface, get a bitcoin invoice, pay it, and have the items delivered to your computer or door. Especially if it’s more than one product, you can order it all together instead of visiting multiple websites. 

For many, convenience and time savings are everything.

Particularly when it comes with extra personalized attention. One user revealed that when he ordered an airline ticket, the concierge found a way for him to get extra legroom for free. Other times, if there are auctions for a business class seat, he can get you to bid on it.

Concierge service means that you are being taken care of, which is very different from a DIY (do-it-yourself) shopping experience.

Top Shopping and Travel Expertise

Sometimes when you go to a fine restaurant, you don’t want to choose from the menu yourself: you want the professional waiter to tell you what’s popular or what he thinks is best for you. 

The same can be said for online shopping, especially if you have a concierge service with top expertise. One user needed Christmas gifts for 5 different people, so he provided the description of the people and the budget in the chat interface. The ShopInBit team quickly figured this out, he was able to save time, and everyone was happy with their gifts.

Why waste countless hours figuring this all out when someone already has?

The same goes for travel. You want to go to Italy, but you might not know which cities are better this time of year, which hotels, which airlines to avoid, or what activities to do. Well, your anonymous concierge will help you figure all that out.

Which Item Categories are the Most Popular?

As you may have guessed, travel is one of the most sought after categories. Many bitcoiners have developed a nomadic lifestyle (somewhat related to sovereignty) which requires them to always be arranging travel plans. This service is perfect for those that appreciate privacy, convenience, time saving and access to travel expertise. 

Tech products are also quite popular, and personal care products too.


You know yourself, you know if this is the type of experience you’re looking for. If you’re a Wasabi Wallet user, and you’re someone that spends bitcoin to live, maybe you also appreciate personalized attention, well then why not give it a try?

I know I will.