The holidays are coming... Every year we are faced with the same situation: we have not yet decided ( or we can't decide ) what to gift our friends and family. As true bitcoiners, we know how important it is for the people we love to possess hard money.
So why not gift anonymous bitcoin?

In this blog post, I’ve outlined a few simple steps to send bitcoin anonymously with Wasabi Wallet - a surefire way of upgrading your gift-giving skills. Keep reading.

After you’ve earned or bought some bitcoin from an exchange (Preferably from a non-KYC exchange like Bisq or HodlHodl), download Wasabi Wallet from the official website (and optionally verify the PGP signature).


1- Launch Wasabi and create a new wallet

2- Create a receiving address to send your bitcoin to.

3- Select the coins you just sent and start the CoinJoin process

4- Wait until your bitcoin reaches the target anonymity set (you’ll see a green shield with a checkmark).

5- Ask for an address from your friend or generate a new address using a generator.

6- Send your conjoined bitcoin, or part of it, to your friend's address.

If you prefer to make a "physical" (and secure) gift, you could opt to buy a hardware wallet such as the ColdCard Wallet or a Bitcoin stick like what Opendime offers.

Want to learn more about Wasabi Wallet or need more help? Read our documentation!