Your Anonymous Bitcoin Concierge: Buy Anything User Stories

The ‘Buy Anything’ button allows you to order any digital or physical item (over $1000) and pay with Bitcoin while protecting your privacy, brought to you by a partnership with 

Deeper Privacy with Safety Coinjoins

“Safety coinjoins” are triggered by default to ensure a minimum amount of remixing for users who choose to minimize costs or maximize speed. This feature anticipates how coins might be spent in the future to prevent guesses from being made based on a specific user behaviour.

Time is Money: DoS (Denial of Service) Fortification and Coinjoin Time Preference

As a result of months of hard work by the Wasabi and Tor developers, updated statistics from October 2023 show that the overall success rate has more than doubled since the previous year, with over 50% of new rounds and over 80% of blame rounds succeeding.

How Coinjoin Wallets Compare on Fees

If you want to know the details of how WabiSabi, Whirlpool and Joinmarket fee structures work, read on. We’ll define all the fees of a coinjoin transaction, the way fees are calculated for each protocol and finally, which one is better for many different user profiles. 

10 Crazy Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Through Wasabi Wallet

You can buy anything (legal) through the Wasabi Wallet interface with the Buy Anything feature in partnership with ShopInBit. The argument that using coinjoin makes your coins unspendable is no longer valid. Presents 3 New Coinjoin Wallet Reviews was announced earlier this year by Thibaud and Gustavo as a new public resource to discover and review bitcoin wallets with coinjoin features. Today, 3 new wallet reviews were released to help consumers discover the best bitcoin wallets for privacy. 

Announcing Private Bitcoin for Enterprises with a New Coinjoin API

Now, with a simple Coinjoin API recently announced, collaborative bitcoin transactions are accessible to anyone, including companies that want to add powerful and robust privacy features to their bitcoin products, such as wallets, brokers, custodians and more

Hunting Sats is Back at Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023

Participate anonymously to have the chance of gaining more than $1,500 USD in bitcoin, or multiple other prizes such as 4 Coldcard MK4s, 2 Cryptosteel Capsules and bitcoin merchandise.

Free Transactions from Being Stuck in the Mempool

We’ve packed Wasabi Wallet version 2.0.4 with highly requested features and a bundle of performance optimizations that drastically speeds up wallet load time, frees transactions from getting stuck in the mempool and make life easier than ever for privacy-conscious Bitcoiners. 

How KYC Affects Your Privacy

Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements are meant to validate customers’ identities, but this collection is often involuntary, and they also hold significant ramifications for your privacy.

The Benefits of Running a Full Bitcoin Node

Running a node enables you – on your computer – to validate transactions on a completely equal level to everyone else on the Bitcoin network. Unless you run your own node, you’re relying on third parties to validate transactions, including your own.

Twitter Spaces Highlights – Toxic Change in CoinJoins

In Wasabi, you cannot really know how many inputs this user has, how many outputs did he break the amount into. And you know, all of these kinds of nuances, it makes it difficult to try to analyze Wasabi coinjoin transactions.

The Best Technologies for Keeping Your Identity Secure


Internet websites and applications are full of trackers for ad and surveillance purposes. If you don’t watch out, you will quickly discover that you’ve revealed yourself to the world more than you had initially wanted.

Why Bitcoin is a Threat to Current Financial Systems


Bitcoin is the antidote to this risk of fraud, providing a solution to the banking system. It replaces human trust with mathematical provability so that for the first time in history, humans can take complete self-custody over their digital money.

Qualities of a Good Bitcoin Wallet


Bitcoin is an intricate piece of technology but bitcoin wallets for end users shouldn’t be. A wallet should be simple enough to allow you, as a user, to create a wallet, receive bitcoin and check your balances without much of a fuss.

Bitcoin as the Currency for Everyone


Bitcoin removes limitations existing in fiat-based currencies. As a good medium of exchange Bitcoin allows you to transact anywhere and anytime. No daily limitations on minimum amounts you can send or receive.

What the Growing Bitcoin Adoption Means


Bitcoin can help usher in a new area of financial liberation by helping users sidestep the issues associated with the traditional online payment ecosystem, including high fees, red tape, long wait times and a lack of control over one’s funds.

Privacy in the Information Age


Bitcoin is right in the middle of the path to mass adoption. Many still do not understand the disruptive changes in the relationship between the state and the individual that will come with the triumphant advance and expansion of this technology.

How to Gift Bitcoin Privately

Community Technical

Experienced Bitcoiners know how quickly the value of fiat money melts, so instead of buying your loved ones a gift card, keep them warm with the joy of hard money this winter season by giving them Bitcoin!

We Already Live in Anarchy


One of the key concepts within the contemporary anarchist vision is that people are, by nature, equal to one another, and should be free to live in ways that reflect this equality. Anarchists respect all individuals who develop skills and knowledge bases that have beneficial applications.

Modern-Day Cypherpunks


Cypherpunks tend to believe in the power of cryptography and other online privacy strategies centered around combating widespread digital surveillance. For decades, cypherpunks have been designing strategies and platforms to preserve online privacy for those who recognize its importance.

Why We Work on Bitcoin Privacy


There are other important aspects of good money, which currently Bitcoin is not optimally designed for. Specifically, the fungibility of money…In the worst case, this open transaction history is the basis for a dystopian surveillance system.

How to use Bitcoin Privately in 3 Easy Steps: Receive, Wait and Spend.

Community Technical

What if I told you that it’s gotten super easy to make Bitcoin payments without anyone being able to link them all to you?

Risks Associated with Address Reuse

Community Technical

Addresses are designed to receive bitcoin and are supposed to be disposable with every use. Unless your money matters are meant to be public, reusing an address will always make sure your balances are open for everyone to see.

Bitcoin and BPC Environmental Impact


Environmental impacts are not denied here but comparatively lower than what adversaries have painted over the years. Hopefully, solutions to completely eliminate negative energy and carbon footprints from the mining ecosystem are achieved soon.

The Implications of No Privacy on the Bitcoin Network (Pt. 2)


This article should be taken as a rough outline of the hurdles Bitcoin’s privacy has to overcome over the next few years to establish itself as the global monetary standard providing the fundamental right to privacy for everyone.

The Implications of No Privacy on the Bitcoin Network

Community Technical

There is a limited amount of time before the public utility borne of Satoshi’s vision is quashed by the centralization of power and wealth within and around the Bitcoin ecosystem.

How To Prevent Anonymity Degradation Over Time


Bitcoin can enable anonymous digital transactions, but it is good to understand where anonymity on Bitcoin can degrade. By understanding how anonymity can be eroded on bitcoin, one can then understand how anonymity can also be preserved.

The Zurich Relai Experience


The Relai party was held at Relai’s office in the beautiful city of Zurich, Switzerland. In fact, it’s exactly on top of the building where The House of Satoshi is located.The space was created to educate people about bitcoin.

Buying Gift Cards with BTC on Paxful

Beginner Community

How can you gift gift cards while paying in Bitcoin? Try Paxful!

Innovating Open Source Sponsorship


zkSNACKs is a private company. Like most private companies, it generates revenue in an attempt to make a profit. But Wasabi Wallet is a free software…so how does zkSNACKs generate revenue from a product that is completely free?

The Privacy Benefits of Taproot

Community Technical

This article, focuses on the privacy aspect of Bitcon’s soft fork. It seeks to explain how Taproot increases every user’s plausible deniability and potentially poses a threat to the blockchain analysis business.

Podcast Review: Designing a Privacy-Focused Bitcoin Wallet UX


Though Wasabi’s initial design was based on Nopara73’s vision of a privacy-focused bitcoin wallet , the UI has served its purpose and it’s now time for an upgrade – Wasabi Wallet 2.0.

The Necessity of Bitcoin Privacy


The right to privacy is an essential human right. Coinjoin technology being pioneered by the Wasabi team solves the Bitcoin privacy issue in beautiful ways.

Podcast Review: The Privacy Guarantees of the Lightning Network


“Lightning is the one and only scalable solution for Bitcoin, which is non-custodial. So this is a super important property. So we want to scale Bitcoin in a non-custodial way, but also even maybe even more importantly at the end of the day, we want to preserve privacy.

The Looming Threat of CBDCs


Government control of money goes all the way down to the individual user of money. If you are able to control who spends state-issued money on what and how, then you can essentially enslave the population

The Parallel Polis Experience


Hacker’s Congress is a very niche meet-up of crypto-anarchists, privacy extremists, bitcoiners, shitcoiners and other misfits who want to change the world for the better. It focuses on hacking and societal change that spreads awareness on freedom.

Why Bitcoin Started


With the transition to fiat currency, the age of accountability ended for both, governments and the banking industry.

Why CoinJoins Are Largely Misunderstood

Community Technical

The philosophy of CoinJoins is that you hide in a crowd in order to hide your face. The more people gather around you, the harder it is for the outsider to identify you. And if everyone wears the same mask, has the same hair color, height, etc…then you have an idea of what CoinJoins look like.

Satoshi Nakamoto Statue Unveiled

Announcements Community

It doesn’t matter who Satoshi is/was. His gender, his race, his age, his nationality,it doesn’t matter. We are all Satoshi.

Bitcoin’s Utility


Why is every Bitcoin skeptic citing its lack of utility as its biggest flaw? Everyone is comparing Bitcoin to digital gold or digital real estate, but has everyone forgotten that it’s a currency? It’s like asking for people to demonstrate your iPhone’s ability to open a beer. It can’t, it’s a phone!

Bitcoin Horror Stories: Lost Private Keys


We’re diving into our top 3 stories where people lost out on (possibly) millions because of losing their private keys to access their Bitcoin. We feel their pain and we would hate to be in their shoes.

The Stigma Behind Bitcoin


Just like Bitcoin, the overwhelming majority of CoinJoin users are average people. From die-hard libertarians to people trying to use Bitcoin in a country where it is curtailed, there are many reasons to want privacy and Wasabi Wallet is the solution in an ecosystem where there is none.

Wasabi and the Future of Hardware Wallets

Community Technical

Hardware wallets are useful key management electronic devices which combine the security of a cold storage setup with the convenience of a hot wallet. Regardless of how they operate, all hardware wallets should work very well with Wasabi.

What is Wabi-Sabi?

Community Technical

When you hear the word wabi-sabi for the first time you might think, “wow that sounds like a TV cartoon my kid would haunt my days watching.” Or if you’re one of those artsy types you may be familiar with its Japanese definition: a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Unlike its Japanese definition, Wasabi Wallet has been working on perfecting our own interpretation of this wonderful word with the WabiSabi protocol.

Spending CoinJoined Coins

Community Technical

Assuming that you care about privacy and have CoinJoined all your Bitcoin, let’s map out all the different ways to spend your sats without turning it into cold hard cash.

Wasabi Wallet vs Electrum: What’s the Difference?

Community Technical

In order for bitcoin to become sound money, it needs to also gain more fungibility – and Wasabi is the only BTC wallet that’s available across all major desktop operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and offers easy access to CoinJoins.

The Etiquette of Bitcoin


There are some questions that come up constantly which can make even the best of us cringe. Here are our top 3 questions that should be avoided in the online Bitcoin community, and 3 things you can say instead to easily fit in (like, totally!)

Converting CoinJoined Coins to Cash

Community Technical

How can I pay my bills when earning Bitcoin? To answer this, we figure it would be best to map everything out and then compare and contrast all the various ways to convert your CoinJoined coins to fiat cash.

Privacy, Fungibility, Anonymity


The privacy challenges of the future will not be the same as those of the past.

Pizza for Bitcoin?


“Pizza Day” has become a milestone in Bitcoin’s history, but how many articles address the privacy concerns that this transaction raises?

Working at Wasabi: The Powerpuff Team


The team working on Wasabi Wallet seems to be growing everyday. This is not just a cliché; zkSNACKs, the company sponsoring Wasabi Wallet’s development is only 2.5 years old and […]

Wasabi Research Experience


By now, you might have seen the weekly announcements for the Wasabi Research Club. To satisfy your curiosity, this is a weekly meeting, where Wasabikas discuss bitcoin privacy. The value […]

Working at Wasabi: David’s Story


There’s a common (mis)conception that teachers enjoy experiencing the moment when their students surpass their own abilities and supplant them as the mentor. Even with a few educators in our […]

zk Stands for Zero Knowledge


Privacy is important. At Wasabi, we believe it is both a fundamental human right and business need that should be preserved at all times. You may have heard of zkSNACKs, […]

Wasabi Wallet and Tor Consensus Issues

Community Technical

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network of nodes that define, verify, and enforce the Bitcoin consensus rules. There is a lot of communication between them and metadata can be used to […]

Wasabi’s Year End Review


2020 has been a big year for Wasabi Wallet. Instead of writing about it, we will just show you what we’ve been up to:

Our Favourite Things About Bitcoin


From  Bitcoin ATMs to Lightning Network. We’ve asked a few of our wasabikas what some of their favourite things about Bitcoin were that made this year a bit more bearable. […]

When you realize you need 5 laptops to get the job done


Windows, Linux, Macintosh… Cross-platform development brings many difficulties in development but for those who like tinkering on different hardware, it has its merits. Computers from left to right: This is […]

Interview with Max Hillebrand on ‘What Bitcoin Did’


Max Hillebrand was recently featured on ‘What Bitcoin Did’ with Peter McCormack to discuss Bitcoin privacy and finacial sovereignty.

Setting up a COLDCARD with Wasabi Wallet

Community Technical

Here’s a straight forward video on…you guessed it, setting up a COLDCARD with Wasabi Wallet. The video quickly runs through the setup process and thanks to the pause button, you will have time to read all the text.

HRF’s Bitcoin Development Fund


The Human Rights Foundation has launched a fund to support software developers who are making the Bitcoin network more private, decentralized, and resilient so that it can better serve as a financial tool for human rights activists, civil society organizations, and journalists around the world.