Wasabi Wallet 1.1.12 is now available! This release introduces several major features, improvements and bug fixes.

What’s new?

Among many other improvements, this major release is a preparation for the upcoming v4 Hard Fork. In the near future, the backend will be upgraded to v4 and Hard Fork means that it will break the compatibility with old clients. In any case, your funds are safe, even if you forget to upgrade – you will just find yourself in front of an “upgrade your client now” message.

To avoid this it is recommended to upgrade, as this version support both v3 and v4 backend.

There are many other improvements, so without wasting further time, let’s go see them specifically:

Major connectivity improvements

We upgraded Tor from v4.2.5 to v4.3.5 on both client and backend side – hopefully, it will mitigate the connectivity issues. Also, there were a couple of Tor/Connection related issues that were fixed. See the changelog here for more details.

PayJoin support

Together with BTCPay, we added PayJoin support that can work through Tor.

PayJoin is a collaborative transaction between the sender and the receiver of a payment, for example the merchant and the customer. The goal of the protocol is to break the common input ownership heuristic, while making it difficult to fingerprint that the transaction is in fact a CoinJoin. Further, it reduces the transaction fees paid by the merchant due to the consolidation of coins.

For more information about PayJoin and to find out how to use it within Wasabi Wallet, click here.

Hardware wallet Segwit vulnerability fix support

The recently disclosed security vulnerability caused compatibility problems with some hardware wallets. We added support to the newest firmware where this vulnerability is fixed. Important! Upgrade your hardware’s firmware!

v3 and v4 backend support

Since the 12th of January 2019, the backend API hasn’t been changed. A couple of minor issues accumulated from that time. Many could be fixed with backward compatibility, so old clients still worked well; but in some cases, we were not able to make a clean/compatible solution and are now about to remove the patches and apply refactorings.

Also on the client-side, we made several improvements since then to mitigate connection issues or timeouts that can lead to failing CoinJoins. Even if most of the users are using the newest version, anyone with an old client in the CoinJoin round times out and will disrupt the round for everyone. With the Hard Fork, we also want to put everyone on the same page.

The hardfork was not deployed yet but this client version supports both version. So it is recommended to upgrade to be able to use the software when the backend will be upgraded in the near future.

The most important updates include:

  • Stricten Mempool Acceptance With Batching #3670
  • Better filter generation #3542
  • Using Bitcoin Knots on the backend #3330
  • Fix of banning clients in case of mempool dis-acceptance #3741
  • DoS Attack fix #3815
  • Fee computation fix #3808
  • Better SchnorrBlinding #3739
  • Added caching #3088

Bitcoin Knots 0.20.0

This version contains important bug fixes, this is a recommended upgrade for users who are actively using the full node integration feature. See the changelog here for more details.

Various stability improvements and bug fixes

We have made many minor improvements and fixed dozens of bugs. See release notes for details.

How to update?

To update to the latest version, go to https://wasabiwallet.io/ and choose the package based on your operating system.
If you prefer, you can also find them on https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/releases/