The team working on Wasabi Wallet seems to be growing everyday. This is not just a cliché; zkSNACKs, the company sponsoring Wasabi Wallet’s development is only 2.5 years old and already has over 25 employees. Of course, companies grow like cities. At first, the sense of community is strong because when a handful of people live together, they share every aspect of their lives. From responsibilities to secrets, everything is open for all (whether you feel this is a good thing or not). As the town grows, the connection everybody shares with each other tends to wither. The community elders may not be as familiar with all the new people coming in and those new people don’t connect to everyone in the community to the same degree. Consequently, specialization also sets in. A small town might have one handyman for all jobs, whereas a city has a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, etc.

In these 2.5 years, the same kind of transition has taken place. There have always been programmers since Wasabi Wallet is a software, but the owners handled everything. Now, there’s a marketing team, a UI team, a research team and code team aside from the owners. Interestingly, this city has even grown large enough to require superpowered crime fighters. Wasabi Wallet’s superhero team has recently been formed under the name: The Powerpuff Team, and despite not being nearly as cute or even being girls, the differences are not that vast.

Where Did This Name Come From?

Initially, it was easy to compare the team to the Powerpuff Girls since there were three interns and well, they fought bugs as the Powerpuff Girls fight criminals. They review all codes and fix all the bugs that appear since most of the (core) developers don’t have the time to review all the code. Their job is to maintain all of the incoming Pull Requests and check on the Issues that come in by the users or the developers, debugging them if it’s possible and develop new features.

However, more people have since joined and the aliases grew to accommodate each member:

  • Balázs is Bubbles
  • Adam P is Blossom
  • Rafe is Bell
  • Yahiheb is Bliss
  • Nopara is Professor Utonium
  • David is the Mayor of Townsville

Nopara73, aptly named Professor Utonium (the Professor), was an integral part of the selection process and continues to work closely with the team. He has also started to organize power programming meetings – sessions open to anyone who wants to learn more about fixing bugs and implementing new features.

Balázs, who is also referred to as Bubbles, is the scrummaster, or the moderator for the everyday meetings and assigns tasks to everyone. He reveals that he loves the flexibility and diversity of the tasks they get to work on while Adam P, or Blossom, completes tasks as they come in. He admits that his role has completely surpassed what he could have imagined:

“I thought the company would be much more like a big company where you get your table/chair/code and you have to sit there for 8 hours to work and you can’t even get up for a smoke break.” ~ Adam P (Blossom)

Instead, he works alongside seniors at the company, who also happen to be incredibly reputable within the industry itself, all while also learning about Bitcoin.

“We have someone close who knows the codebase top to bottom and doesn’t let us do stupid things…and the coworkers are awesome. Arriving at the office every day is like coming home.” ~ Adam P (Blossom)

Like every superhero team, the powerpuff team admits that they are constantly met with challenges, sometimes leaving them stumped:

“The QR code implementation that we are working on right now has a lot of conditions that have to be met. We are not the first ones who are trying to implement this the right way. It’s a challenge, but that’s what this is all about.” ~ Balázs F. (Bubbles)

Although the team has just been formed, they already have a sense that they’re working on something much bigger than themselves. Every superhero, except perhaps Deadpool, carries some form of intrinsic altruism that compels them to continue their work day in and day out.

“I’m being a part of something that could change the world. The concept of Wasabi is really great and useful. It really is a big thing in every way, just like Bitcoin is, too. I just don’t have all the knowledge to feel like I am irreplaceable, yet. But one day, I will be.” ~ Balázs F. (Bubbles)

The company is going to keep growing and one day, we will be comparing it to the likes of Metropolis, Gotham or even Wakanda. Undoubtedly, Wasabi’s bug zapping team will continue to develop but also encounter more challenges as time progresses. Stay tuned for the upcoming adventures of Wasabi’s Powerpuff Team.