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Unpacking Wasabi Wallet’s Power Feature: The Headless Daemon
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Think of it as your wallet but on a diet. It uses fewer resources like CPU, GPU, memory, and bandwidth, allowing you to run Wasabi Wallet unobtrusively in the background.

1.11 BTC Grant: Design a Privacy Focused Lightning Network Wallet

1 BTC will be distributed during Wasabi Wallet’s Lightning Network Privacy Research Grant. We’re looking for researchers and teams of researchers to design the best possible privacy focused Lightning Network light client. One may apply with a team or individually.

DIY Hardware Wallets, Part II:

There are two important categories of DIY hardware wallets that you can build from general-purpose electronic devices: the ones that run a ported firmware (a group of coders make a well-tested software available on more common hardware), and the ones that run original code.

Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Update

We have established the main framework for our upcoming 2.0 release. We published the research paper for our new CoinJoin protocol, WabiSabi and the user interface will be much more intuitive. We are aiming to offer privacy for everyone and to make privacy the default.

Wasabi Research Experience

By now, you might have seen the weekly announcements for the Wasabi Research Club. To satisfy your curiosity, this is a weekly meeting, where Wasabikas discuss bitcoin privacy. The value of collecting […]

Wasabi Wallet Donates 1 BTC to Defend Privacy in Bitcoin

By making a 1 BTC (nearly $10K) donation to the Human Rights Foundation’s Bitcoin Development Fund, zkSNACKs Ltd., a company fanatically devoted to privacy and creator of Wasabi Wallet, publicly supports work providing privacy to the world’s first truly independent digital currency.

HRF’s Bitcoin Development Fund

The Human Rights Foundation has launched a fund to support software developers who are making the Bitcoin network more private, decentralized, and resilient so that it can better serve as a financial tool for human rights activists, civil society organizations, and journalists around the world.