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Explaining Wasabi Wallet’s Tor Implementation


This article will define what Tor is, how Wasabi Wallet implements Tor exactly, what are the operations that require an immediate circuit update, why the coordinator doesn’t use an onion service anymore, and how Conflux could be a future solution to improve reliability.

Turbosync: Wasabi Wallet’s Loading Time Reduced by 90%

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With the 2.0.4 release, Turbosync is introduced in Wasabi Wallet to reduce the load time by up to 90%.

RBF and CPFP: UX Survey with Screenshots


How do you scale a blockchain? You don’t. Block space is inherently limited, and everyone making Bitcoin transactions competes for it. RBF and CPFP are some of the most prominent tools in the toolbox of a user for the block space scarcity competition.

The Best Technologies for Keeping Your Identity Secure

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Internet websites and applications are full of trackers for ad and surveillance purposes. If you don’t watch out, you will quickly discover that you’ve revealed yourself to the world more than you had initially wanted.

Wasabi Wallet Chain Split Policy

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Wasabi Wallet will support both sides of any meaningful fork and we will not withdraw our support until we are sure our users were given enough time to sell the less successful side of the fork without compromising their security or privacy.

Wasabi Wallet and Tor Consensus Issues


Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network of nodes that define, verify, and enforce the Bitcoin consensus rules. There is a lot of communication between them and metadata can be used to […]

Wasabi Wallet and Tor SSL stripping attacks


Unlike many other “traditional” mixers where users must give control of their coins to another party and trust that this party will return the bitcoin to them, Wasabi Wallet does not take custody of assets.