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What Lightning Network-Enabled Wabisabi Coinjoins Might Look Like


Read further to learn more about the details of why the Lightning Network is Bitcoin’s leading scaling solution, why payment channel openings and coinjoins go well together, how to currently open a Lightning Network channel from a Wasabi Wallet private UTXO, how Vortex presently handles the direct opening of channels from coinjoin outputs, and finally, how a future Lightning Network-enabled WabiSabi coinjoin might solve that problem.

A Comparison of Bitcoin Layer 2 Solutions


In bitcoin, the blockchain is the 1st dimension also known as layer 1. There are higher up and parallel 2nd dimensions that utilize the 1st dimension as its host. There may eventually even be layer 3 dimensions as more development continues.

1.11 BTC Grant: Design a Privacy-Focused Lightning Network Wallet


1 BTC will be distributed during Wasabi Wallet’s Lightning Network Privacy Research Grant. We’re looking for researchers and teams of researchers to design the best possible privacy focused Lightning Network light client. One may apply with a team or individually.

Podcast Review: The Privacy Guarantees of the Lightning Network

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“Lightning is the one and only scalable solution for Bitcoin, which is non-custodial. So this is a super important property. So we want to scale Bitcoin in a non-custodial way, but also even maybe even more importantly at the end of the day, we want to preserve privacy.