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Latest Hardware Wallet Integration: Trezor Safe 3 on Wasabi

Announcements Technical

With the latest release (2.0.7), we’re announcing that the newly released Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet with secure element protection is now compatible with Wasabi Wallet.

How to Use BitBox02 (New) with Wasabi Wallet

Announcements Learn

Announcing that BitBox02 is now compatible with Wasabi Wallet as of the Juggernaut Release 2.0.6.

Introducing Support for Blockstream Jade on Wasabi Wallet


We’re excited to announce that you can now use your Blockstream Jade with Wasabi Wallet. Combining the privacy benefits of Wasabi with the self-custody security of Jade is a match made in heaven.



Today, Trezor rolls out coinjoin for the original bitcoin hardware wallet, the Model One, the remaining hardware product. This takes place 9 years after the initial release of the (also) first ever of its kind. Trezor’s products remain the only to support hardware wallet coinjoin.

How to Connect Your Hardware Wallet to Wasabi Wallet


If you’ve been thinking about changing software wallets to Wasabi, you need an updated tutorial showing you how to complete that process without taking too much time; you’ve found it.

Trezor Rolls Out Coinjoin Feature for its Devices in First for Hardware Wallets


Trezor, today rolled out the coinjoin feature for its devices allowing users to more easily enhance privacy and security on bitcoin transactions. The feature is possible thanks to Trezor’s collaboration with Wasabi Wallet.

Sending PSBT Transactions with Wasabi Wallet


Wasabi is one of the desktop Bitcoin wallets that work with every PSBT hardware wallet. Not only that, but thanks to the Tor routing and trustless onboarding, it’s also the most private desktop wallet for your Bitcoin transaction signing device.

DIY Hardware Wallets, Part II:


There are two important categories of DIY hardware wallets that you can build from general-purpose electronic devices: the ones that run a ported firmware (a group of coders make a well-tested software available on more common hardware), and the ones that run original code.

DIY Hardware Wallets, Part I: Building Your Own Trezor One, Trezor Model T and BitBox02


We are living in the golden age of DIY hardware. Thanks to advancements in microprocessing and production/distribution, today we can purchase tiny yet powerful computers at surprisingly affordable prices – and then use them to perform surprisingly-complex tasks

Wasabi and the Future of Hardware Wallets


Hardware wallets are useful key management electronic devices which combine the security of a cold storage setup with the convenience of a hot wallet. Regardless of how they operate, all hardware wallets should work very well with Wasabi.

Setting up a COLDCARD Wallet with Wasabi Wallet


Here’s a straight forward video on…you guessed it, setting up a COLDCARD with Wasabi Wallet. The video quickly runs through the setup process and thanks to the pause button, you will have time to read all the text.

Wasabi Wallet’s advisory for Trezor users


If you’re a Wasabi Wallet user with a Trezor device, please don’t update your current Wasabi Wallet installation and Trezor devices to version 2.3.1 (Trezor Model T) and version 1.9.1 (Trezor One) yet or you may get locked out of your bitcoins until we fix the issue.