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Announcing Private Bitcoin for Enterprises with a New Coinjoin API


Now, with a simple Coinjoin API recently announced, collaborative bitcoin transactions are accessible to anyone, including companies that want to add powerful and robust privacy features to their bitcoin products, such as wallets, brokers, custodians and more

What Does the “zk” in zkSNACKs Stand For?


The “zk” stands for Zero-Knowledge. zkSNACKs is a pun originating from the cryptographic techniques zk-SNARKS (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) and zk-STARKS (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Transparent Argument of Knowledge).

Why We Work on Bitcoin Privacy


There are other important aspects of good money, which currently Bitcoin is not optimally designed for. Specifically, the fungibility of money…In the worst case, this open transaction history is the basis for a dystopian surveillance system.

The History of WabiSabi


WabiSabi is a novel communication protocol for creating bitcoin coinjoin transactions with arbitrary amounts. It is a concept with roots going back to the early days of bitcoin, even the earliest beginnings of digital payments.

zkSNACKs’ Blacklisting Update


Two weeks ago, zkSNACKs announced that they are going to refuse certain UTXOs from registering to coinjoins coordinated by the company.

Introducing the New Wasabi Wallet Logo


After two years, Wasabi Wallet has transformed its logo. The original green and orange shield its users have grown to recognize and love has been changed to a sleek and modern design.

Innovating Open Source Sponsorship


zkSNACKs is a private company. Like most private companies, it generates revenue in an attempt to make a profit. But Wasabi Wallet is a free software…so how does zkSNACKs generate revenue from a product that is completely free?

1.11 BTC Grant: Design a Privacy-Focused Lightning Network Wallet


1 BTC will be distributed during Wasabi Wallet’s Lightning Network Privacy Research Grant. We’re looking for researchers and teams of researchers to design the best possible privacy focused Lightning Network light client. One may apply with a team or individually.

Working at Wasabi: The Powerpuff Team


The team working on Wasabi Wallet seems to be growing everyday. This is not just a cliché; zkSNACKs, the company sponsoring Wasabi Wallet’s development is only 2.5 years old and already has over 25 employees.

Wasabi Wallet Chain Split Policy

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Wasabi Wallet will support both sides of any meaningful fork and we will not withdraw our support until we are sure our users were given enough time to sell the less successful side of the fork without compromising their security or privacy.

Wasabi Wallet & Bull Bitcoin Grant to Support Bitcoin Knots Development


zkSNACKs, alongside Francis Pouliot, CEO of Bull Bitcoin, have come together to make a .86 bitcoin, or $40,000 contribution (split evenly between the two companies) in support of the growth and development of Bitcoin Knots

Working at Wasabi: David’s Story


There’s a common (mis)conception that teachers enjoy experiencing the moment when their students surpass their own abilities and supplant them as the mentor. Even with a few educators in our […]

zk Stands for Zero Knowledge


You may have heard of zkSNACKs, the company that is sponsoring the development of Wasabi. But where does that name come from?

Wasabi’s Year End Review


2020 has been a big year for Wasabi Wallet. Instead of writing about it, we will just show you what we’ve been up to:

Working at Wasabi Wallet


‘Wasabikas’ (the term for anyone helping to develop Wasabi Wallet) are given a fair and equal opportunity to contribute to the ever-evolving software. Though it would be an asset to […]

Wasabi Wallet Donates 1 BTC to Defend Privacy in Bitcoin


By making a 1 BTC (nearly $10K) donation to the Human Rights Foundation’s Bitcoin Development Fund, zkSNACKs Ltd., a company fanatically devoted to privacy and creator of Wasabi Wallet, publicly supports work providing privacy to the world’s first truly independent digital currency.