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Announcing Hunting Sats, a Contest to Earn Bitcoin from Cracking a Wallet

The Bitcoin privacy project, Wasabi Wallet, along with 12 bitcoin pioneering projects and companies such as Blockstream, BTCPay and Trezor, are working together to organize a world treasure hunt for bitcoin called Hunting Sats.

The History of WabiSabi
Product Technical

WabiSabi is a novel communication protocol for creating bitcoin coinjoin transactions with arbitrary amounts. It is a concept with roots going back to the early days of bitcoin, even the earliest beginnings of digital payments.

Introducing the New Wasabi Wallet Logo

After two years, Wasabi Wallet has transformed its logo. The original green and orange shield its users have grown to recognize and love has been changed to a sleek and modern design, which includes an entirely new colour scheme and font as part of the ongoing evolution of the company’s brand.

Innovating Open Source Sponsorship

zkSNACKs is a private company. Like most private companies, it generates revenue in an attempt to make a profit. But Wasabi Wallet is a free software…so how does zkSNACKs generate revenue from a product that is completely free?