zkSNACKs Ltd. and Wasabi Wallet are now accepting submissions for the 2021 Contribution Games within the following categories:

  • Blog Writing
  • Comics Creation
  • TikTok Video Production
  • Software Support and Testing

Contribution games have been expanded with a slight twist and there are now more ways to contribute to your favorite bitcoin software wallet. Staying true to its open source nature, Wasabi Wallet has hosted multiple contribution games since its inception in July 2019.

These games have progressed into something so much more. We now have permanent contributors who came onboard from testing contribution games and some pretty cool artwork was submitted in last year's art contribution game. But don't misinterpret our intentions, though the word ‘game’ is included in the title, this is very much meaningful work with the first contributors focusing on creating the official Wasabi Wallet Documentation.

So, who is/can be a contributor? Well, according to the trusted Wasabi Docs:

“A contributor is any individual who works to improve and add value to Wasabi and its users.

You can become a Wasabika!

Wasabi is free and open-source software, but contributing is not just about writing code. This means anything from fixing typos in documentation, to answering questions of fellow Wasabikas, to implementing new Wasabi features and everything in-between. All such contributions are very welcomed and greatly appreciated.” ~ Wasabi docs

You read that right, YOU can become a wasabi contributor!

The competition is open for everyone within the following topics:

  • Wasabi Wallet
  • Privacy
  • Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Competitor usage is allowed
  • Bitcoin wallets

The games will run concurrently but with the rules differing according to each platform.

The distribution of a monthly bitcoin bounty remains unchanged, with the prize varying based on the medium and will be distributed on the 25th of each month to the most deserving of Wasabikas.

The Wasabi Wallet Contribution Games

TikTok and Videos

TikTok has been accumulating millions of views and exposing a new audience to all things bitcoin and we want in on the action.

So we need your help. The rules are simple. Show us your creativity and sense of humour in posts mentioning or promoting Wasabi Wallet while staying within the TikTok time limit. Easy enough?

Blog Posts

Though we have a spectacular in-house blog writing team (no bias here), we'd love to offer a space for more great authors on our platform. Our goal is to feature two guest bloggers monthly to share their views on any bitcoin Related topic.


We're not looking for the next Stan Lee, just someone who's good at making original relatable content in a comic format.

The allowed techniques are drawing, painting, digital art, and photography. A participant can submit one complete story, between 4 to 8 pages. Format A4.

Support and Testing

Wasabikas have always been rewarded for offering technical support on various platforms. This allows for a few “fresh eyes'' to review the changes, updates and features implemented in the software. Persons wanting to learn about wasabi and offer support to its users can now express their interests in joining the support team. First they must go through an orientation process where they learn about the inner workings of Wasabi wallet.

Then, candidates will be left on their own to determine how well they are able to individually offer support to wasabi users with the possibility of officially joining the official Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Support Team.

“By hiring one or two [Wasabikas] when 2.0 comes out, we can create a good team to tackle users' issues and provide good support, since the new member/members would have already learned the basics by then.”  ~ Rafe

So if you're a fan or supporter of Wasabi Wasabi Wallet and think that you are capable of participating in the contribution games, here's your chance!
Send your questions and submissions to marketing@zksnacks.com.