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WVE–006 DDoS Attack Report
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Wasabi Wallet team heroically defends the server by implementing security measures while still being attacked by the botnets of zombie computers

Pizza for Bitcoin?

“Pizza Day” has become a milestone in Bitcoin’s history, but how many articles address the privacy concerns that this transaction raises?

zk Stands for Zero Knowledge

Privacy is important. At Wasabi, we believe it is both a fundamental human right and business need that should be preserved at all times. You may have heard of zkSNACKs, the company […]

Wasabi Wallet and Tor Consensus Issues
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Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network of nodes that define, verify, and enforce the Bitcoin consensus rules. There is a lot of communication between them and metadata can be used to de-anonymize Bitcoin […]

What is a Coinjoin?

CoinJoin is a Bitcoin transaction where multiple users combine their UTXO (Unspent Transaction Outputs) into one large transaction with multiple inputs and multiple outputs. A traditional Bitcoin transaction is usually composed of […]

WVE–005 Responsible Disclosure & v4 Hard Fork

On 2020 May 10, Ondřej Vejpustek from TREZOR team sent us a PGP encrypted message containing a detailed explanation about a possible CoinJoin denial of service vulnerability, in complete accordance to our […]

Wasabi Wallet and Tor SSL stripping attacks

Unlike many other “traditional” mixers where users must give control of their coins to another party and trust that this party will return the bitcoin to them, Wasabi Wallet does not take custody of assets.

Wasabi Wallet 1.1.12 is out!

This release introduces several major features, improvements and bug fixes. Among many other improvements, this release is a preparation for the upcoming v4 Hard Fork.

Wasabi Wallet’s advisory for Trezor users

If you’re a Wasabi Wallet user with a Trezor device, please don’t update your current Wasabi Wallet installation and Trezor devices to version 2.3.1 (Trezor Model T) and version 1.9.1 (Trezor One) yet or you may get locked out of your bitcoins until we fix the issue.