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Wasabi Wallet Preview Progress

Eight weeks have passed since our last update. We set up 3 milestones before the final 2.0 version’s release. Right now we are working on the first milestone, which is the so-called preview version of Wasabi 2.0.

Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Update

We have established the main framework for our upcoming 2.0 release. We published the research paper for our new CoinJoin protocol, WabiSabi and the user interface will be much more intuitive. We are aiming to offer privacy for everyone and to make privacy the default.

When you realize you need 5 laptops to get the job done

Windows, Linux, Macintosh… Cross-platform development brings many difficulties in development but for those who like tinkering on different hardware, it has its merits. Computers from left to right: This is the story […]