Windows, Linux, Macintosh… Cross-platform development brings many difficulties in development but for those who like tinkering on different hardware, it has its merits. Computers from left to right:

  • MacBook Pro: currently debugging a new feature in Visual Studio for Mac.
  • Lenovo Legion: my main development machine with windows 10. The large screen is the main screen I usually run Visual Studio there and code. The laptop screen is used as a revolving screen, the current task at hand is opened there, like documentation or google translate or a virtual box with Ubuntu.
  • MacBook Air: my former mac development environment. I just moved to the new one so that will be obsolete. I remember, back in 2018, I started my career on this machine when nopara73 told me: “we need someone to debug mac issues, can you take this task?”. By the way, I was a dedicated Windows user for 10 years before that, so the following months were unforgettable…
  • Lenovo IdeaPad: the so-called “Release” machine where Wasabi releases are forged.
  • +1, ThinkPad: my former development machine under the Legion laptop. As it is smaller and has a longer battery life than Legion, I use it at conferences or when traveling.

This is the story behind the picture.

P.S. I hid an easter egg in this image worth X bitcoin, the first person who finds it can take the money.

Special thanks to Chiefmonkey, which produces Laser Cut Bitcoin Art, and gifted us two Wasabi Wallet-limited edition “Cryptoarnarchy pills” (the two orange pills in the image above).